The environment that this firm provided to me and the other employees was one that I will always value. It might be a little unusual for a former employee to go on and show the employer in a good light but I have several reasons. When I started out as an apprentice for an internship eight years ago I had not worked in a professional atmosphere before. My supervisor at that time saw that I was slacking off and instead of admonishing me he opted to explain to me the importance of a strong work ethic. This was replicated by all staff at the firm. We often had bonding sessions that enabled us to be closer to each other. It is that way that we would naturally work together when in the field. Important lessons in customer care were key in how we interacted with our clients. This is how I grew to like my job. The lessons in a professional work code also played a part in how fast I climbed the ranks at work and finally got a job offer elsewhere. When it came time for me to leave the whole company was sad to see me leave but could not be happier about my prospects. The management was also keen to send away with a great recommendation letter. It has been a year since we were last together and I will make sure to visit once I am around



     I just wanted to tell you how much your work in our apartment has improved our lives. I have been having difficulties with the amount of money that was going into my electricity bill. When I called you to find solutions to this you sent your experts to check around the house for ways to cut the energy bills. That is when you found the cable that one of our neighbors has been using to siphon off electricity to power his electrical. When I confronted him he agreed to pay off my electricity for a whole year as long as I did not press charges. You are the best.



     I have been having issues with my doorbell. It was not working for a week but I did not know what the problem was. I called in to report on the issue and was told to give directions to my place. The crew that was to do the fixing was there in forty minutes. This was unprecedented for a person that has almost always had conflicts with service providers over time keeping. Impressive still was how the two electricians found the culprit. Apparently there were rats living in the attic and they had managed to chew the wires that connected the doorbell. The crew was able to replace the chewed wires and gave me contact information of a trusted exterminator. The exterminator managed to get the rats from my home and gave pointers to prevent them from coming in again. I managed to have two problems solved from one phone call.

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